NFL and Players Association Agree to Suspend Controversial National Anthem Policy.


As it currently stands, the NFL and the NFL Players Association have come to a stand still for the moment.

Two months ago, the league announced players must stand for the anthem, or remain in the locker room while it is performed. The league has since suspended the decision to allow, “Constructive Dialogue to continue.”

I’m sure at some point, the violation of the 1st amendment has been brought up, however, the short answer to that is: No NFL teams are private companies, making the First Amendment mostly non-effective.

Since 2016, when Kaepernick shocked the world with kneeling for the National Anthem, many players in the NFL and other sports across the world have followed his example.

The NFL players have caught on so much that President Trump has voiced his opinion on the subject, by posting  his thoughts on twitter: “Isn’t it in their contract that players must stand at attention, hand at heart? First time kneeling is suspended for a game, second time kneeling is out for the season with no pay.” 

Mike Evans even chimed in on this one.

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Of course the players didn’t like the harsh words of the President and are currently waiting on the league’s decision over the National Anthem Policy.