DeSean Jackson Says He Still Has “Top Flight Speed”


When considering DeSean Jackson’s entire career, I don’t think anyone would argue that his outstanding speed on offense is a huge difference maker in games. He proved it in both Philadelphia and in Washington D.C., but that still remains to be seen in Tampa Bay. 

He was brought in last season to be a deep threat, and has failed to do so after an apparent lack chemistry with Jameis Winston after only 50 receptions, 668 yards, and just 3 touchdowns. Maybe last year was just a fluke, and he will again become the deep threat and make those big time plays that we are accustomed to seeing from him. Jackson has his doubters, and because of that, I think he will play with a chip on his shoulder to prove them wrong. 

On his personal Instagram account he posted a video of him doing running drills with a caption saying, “Remember the noise when they said you washed up or too old – you ain’t got it no more !! I’m coming for all that BS .. 31 and still got that TopFlight speed !! #0ne0fone 

Watch his original posting and video HERE.

If there was any time for him to step up his game, it’s now, as the Bucs will need him more than ever as they will be a Winston-less team to start the season.