NFL: Why are Veteran Players not Reporting On Time?


The ways of NFL training camps are changing. With each and every passing of new CBAs, the players get more and more freedom. Especially the veterans. Many of them sit on the sidelines or do not even report until camp is nearing the end. When it is time to get going the finally make their appearance.

2018 is no different. Many veterans are not reporting to camps. There are many different reasons. However, for this season it seems to all come down to the dollar bill. These players want new contracts and will not full fill their current ones in order to get that.

Now, I know that if this were your everyday run of the mill employee – you and I – the boss would fire us on the spot. There is no such thing as a hold out for us normal people. We can be replaced. So why do these high dollar players get to be so different?

I tell you why. Owners are soft. They do not want to face litigation from the players association and so they let the player control the situation. Let us look at a couple of examples.

Julio Jones – WR, Atlanta Falcons

Jones was not happy with his current contract. He had three years left on a five yr deal that he recently signed. Nonetheless, he was not going to going to report to camp unless something was done. The Falcons have a policy with the organization that they do not renegotiate unless they player is in the final year. However, to keep the diva WR happy, the Falcons went against their policy and gave Jones more money. He is now reporting to camp on time.

Earl Thomas – Safety, Seattle Seahawks

Thomas is an aging veteran that is looking for more money. He has been one of the best safeties in the league during his tenure. Now he is holding out. He has stated that he will hold out the whole season if necessary. That is unless the Seahawks give him a new contract or he is traded.

The Seattle Seahawks, in turn, are holding pat with their decision not to discuss a new deal until after the season. The Thomas camp knew this going into OTAs and the mantra is no different as training camp opens.

These are two examples of players who were/are not reporting to camp. It is time that the owners take control of these situations. Doing so would let the players know that the team is more of the focus than the star.

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