2 Great Linebackers, But Which One Is Better ???


The Bucs have 2 excellent LBs in MLB Kwon Alexander and OLB Lavonte David. Fans have been arguing for years which one is better. Well, let’s take a look.

MLB Kwon Alexander- With a blazing 4.5 forty time Alexander is faster than David. His sideline to sideline play is second to no other MLB in the league , his 97 tackles last year while missing several games is evidence of that. At only 225 lbs, he is small for a MLB and has trouble bringing down bigger ball carriers. With 3 INTS last year, he has shown he is getting better in coverage, but still has work to do. Alexander needs to learn you can’t get by on speed alone.

OLB Lavonte David- The case for David is simple, in 2013 he did something no other player in NFL history has pulled off. That year he put up over 150 tackles with 7 sacks and 5 INT on his way to be selected first team all-pro. Since Mike Smith has come aboard as defensive coordinator, David’s numbers have dipped a little. Smith’s defense puts more responsibility on the MLB, but David is still all over the field and very good in coverage aswell as a decent run stopper. He showed that after grabbing 75 tackles, last season, and forcing 5 rumbles. He also missed several games with an injury.

So which one is better? As of now, with 1 first team all-pro selections, and 2 second team all-pro, I got to go with David he is the best 4-3 OLB in the NFL, but in a year my answer could be different.