Chris Godwin poised for a start?


Chris Godwin has been becoming quite the household name around Bucs Nation and fans cannot be more excited for the young receiver. After gaining much ground last year, his 34 receptions, 525 yards, and that fatal blow to the Saints that took them from top seeders to bottom feeders, Godwin seems to be making strides towards landing himself a starting role.

Nothing is set in stone at this point, however, one thing is for certain: The coaches like Chris Godwin and feel that he absolutely is starting material. Earlier in the offseason, OC Todd Monken made it perfectly clear that he feels that Godwin is a bonafide starter in this league and Koetter’s comments, in post-training camp conferences, back that assessment. 

Koetter stated that the Buccaneers have an offense that includes four starting receivers. Those, of course, listed on the depth chart are Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, but anyone can easily make a case for Chris Godwin and Adam Humphries. It seems that the coaches are doing just that. 

Taking the coach’s statements for what they are, they point to a strong competition at the receiver spot and that it is not out of the realm of possibility that someone may lose their starting role. We know that it won’t be Mike Evans. As far as DeSean Jackson is concerned, and as far-fetched as it may seem, he could be the odd man out, if this scenario plays out the way I am thinking that it will. But let’s be realistic here, you do not pay a guy a crap ton of money just so you can bench him for an up and coming star. Do you? It’s been done before. This year will be a prove it year for the veteran.

Despite the theories we fans have, facts remain; Tampa has four receivers fully capable of starting and fully capable of getting the job done. If that doesn’t excite you then you must be dead.