Is Howard Better Than Brate?


Over the last few years, TE Cameron Brate has been proven a faithful escape hatch for Jameis Winston, and a touchdown machine in the red zone. With that said, Brate is very one-dimensional in that he is a pure pass catcher, and a really good one at that. Insert second year pro O.J. Howard who can catch passes and more.

In an ideal world, the perfect tight end will be able to pick up a blocking assignment on run plays, some pass plays, and/or split out on a quick route for a decent gain. Most TE’s in the league today are either purely blockers or pass catchers. Not both. It may seem odd, but very few players out there today can do both. A good example of a catching & blocking TE currently is Rob Gronkowski. He is a game wrecker every week because of the unique talents that he brings to the field. Ultimately, it is the hope that Howard evolves into a Gronk type player. He definitely has the talent to do so.

Even though Howard is still searching for the perfect groove in 2018 as the more talented TE, Cameron Brate is by far the most productive and consistent one on the Bucs roster to date. If the Dirk Koetter were to smartly dial-up a good chunk of two TE set plays, it could make a lethal combination for any opposing defenses.