Koetter Impressed with Pass Rush… and Ryan Griffin!


So far in training camp, the defense has been getting a lot more praise than the offense from the coaching staff. It is not surprising that the Buccaneersdefensive line is impressive this year. The new acquisitions should definitely make this one of the best units in the NFL. In Saturday’s press conference, Dirk Koetter expressed his enthusiasm for the new-look defensive line.

“… But the pass rush, you know it’s hard here because I’m left to determine what’s a sack and

what’s not. And all the defensive guys think every play’s a sack, and all the offensive guys think there’s never a sack. And it’s hard to tell because it’s not real football, yet. But I can tell you, from standing right behind them, that pass rush is real.”

The effectiveness of the defensive line, however, is not the only thing that Dirk Koetter has been thrilled with so far. When about the tricky Quarterback situation, in regards to Jameis Winston’s suspension, and how he will use Winston in the preseason, the Head Coach replied that he needs all three Quarterbacks ready to lead the offense. Furthermore, he mentioned that it might not even be too much of a long shot for Ryan Griffin, who is currently Ryan Fitzpatrick’s backup, to be the starter once the regular season starts.

“… we want to get Jameis work, we gotta get Fitz ready for game 1 and we gotta get Griff ready because he’s one play away from being the starter… You’ll see Thursday night what we are going to do, we are going to play all three of them…”

Obviously, a great preseason might get Ryan Griffin the starting nod in New Orleans in Week 1. This might actually end up being a very interesting preseason for Tampa Bay. As interesting as a preseason can get, at least.

If you would like to see Koetter’s full press conference, you can watch it here:

Stick around, everybody. Your Bucsreport will keep you posted about the further development of our Quarterback situation. It is time to get excited, Bucs nation. NFL football is right around the corner!