Could Donovan Smith Lose Starting Job?


The Buccaneer’s drafted Donovan Smith to be their franchise LT. The man responsible for protecting the QBs blind side. The results so far have been mixed.

At 6’6 and 338lbs Smith is a strong LT and very effective while run blocking. The problem for Smith is his pass protection. He is very inconsistent and at times he looks incredibly over matched, sometimes just plain confused.

This year, Smith must prove himself yet he has been injured most preseason… If Smith can’t do a better job protecting Jameis Winston’s blind slide then he will be considered a bust. 2nd year LT Mike Liedtke has taken advantage of Smiths injury and was given some decent time on field the last few games. At 6’6, 305llbs the LT from Illinois State has played well. If he keeps up his consistent play, then Smith could find himself on the bench.