Vita Vea a No Go Against Drew and The Saints


Congratulations Buccaneer fans, its week 1 of the NFL season and of course there’s a hurricane that could threaten our season again. Ok, it may not be as severe for the Tampa Bay team and community as last year’s storm which threw the team into a 16 week marathon, but it is still a storm so be prepared as anything can happen.

However, after trading back and drafting Vita Vea with our first pick in this year’s draft, it looks like the Buccaneer organization and fans will have to wait at least another week before getting to see what this new revamped line can look like as rookie defensive tackle Vita Vea has not yet returned to practice after suffering a calf injury earlier in the offseason.

Coach Koetter spoke briefly about Vita’s injury Monday afternoon and did not offer much information regarding when we can expect him to return. Of course the coach praised his attitude and work ethic as Vita looks to do as much as possible to return, but it looks like our first round defensive tackle will have to wait to make his big NFL debut.

Stay tuned as we will be sure to provide any update regarding his status as the team game plans for the trip to New Orleans. Let’s pick up where we left off. Go Bucs!