Tony’s Take On The Media And Head Coach Relationship


The relationship between the sports media and a head coach is unique if not sometimes special. In the NFL, over the last couple of decades, you have gotten a wide variety of relationships. From the cold, distant, and annoyed type. For example, Bill Belichick. Then you have the polar opposite, which is warm and sometimes even chummy. Like Raheem Morris, for example. No coach/media relationship is perfect, but it is essential in providing fans everywhere with the information they desire. Sometimes, though, the relationship can get a bit rocky, and tempers can get testy.

Now shift gears to a media relationship, most important, to Bucs fans and that is with Dirk Koetter. It’s not uncommon for attitudes to ebb and flow throughout the season, but Koetter has seemed to be a bit more edgy since the start of the 2018 season. Multiple media personalities have insinuated that this is in fact the case, and some even seem that they are starting to grow irritated by it for simply doing their jobs.  Greg Auman of The Athletic even went on to express the frustrations media members go through by simply replying “This” to a fan tweet via Twitter (You can find that tweet HERE)

Without a doubt, Koetter has been a bit more testy and annoyed with some of the questions from the media this season. Take the offensive play calling duties or team captain questions for example. If you take a look back at those interactions he definitely acted annoyed, and dare I say, less professional than desired. The media must and will ask questions that need answers, and sometimes the ones being questioned won’t want to answer. Which is perfectly acceptable to both sides. It is on the interviewee(s) (Koetter) to answer or deflect it in the best way possible. As the saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.