Bucs work out Bogan Roback. What do we know about him?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers work out Brogan Roback, from Eastern Michigan, this week at One Buc Place. Roback is former teammates with several Buccaneers players; like defensive end Patrick O’ Connor, wide receiver Sergio Bailey II, and defensive end Noah Spence. Roback will be possibly be signed to practice team for depth purpose, because of either one of two things: An injury or as a contingency plan for a trade in the works. Only time will tell.

-Great touch on deep ball
-Very accurate when on the run
-Very athletic
-Leads the receiver on deep balls
-Good arm strength

-Throws off back foot too much
-Decision making
-Taking check downs

After watching every throw Roback has made in the NFL this pre-season, ordinarily, I would have to say, the kid has a lot of upside to him. I like that he gives the receivers chances to make plays, but by throwing 50/50 balls and throwing back shoulder throws. What I don’t like so much is that he tries to force deep too much instead of taking the check downs and what the defensive gives give. If anyone watches his tape you could see the kid was trying hard to impress coaches with big plays instead of taking the slow methodical way, by dinking and dunking passes which consequently most coaches are looking for.