Strong Performance by DeSean Jackson Ends with Concussion


With an eye-opening performance from DeSean Jackson week 1, many Buccaneer fans watched on in awe as Jackson put on a short clinic in the Saints secondary. The Bucs went down to New Orleans and put up 48 points and look to carry that into week 2 against the Eagles. Unfortunately, the Bucs could be attempting that feat without many important players, one of which is DeSean.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s game, Fitzpatrick hit DeSean for another great catch, but as he was tackled his head was seen bouncing off the ground face first as he held onto the ball for a catch along the sideline. The hit from Ken Crowley was clean, but DeSean wasn’t able to brace for the impact and it was hard to watch.

DeSean was 5 for 5 for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns before leaving the game in the third quarter. DeSean looked like the player Bucs fans have been dreaming about seeing and the connection he had with Fitzpatrick is great. With another 50+ yard touchdown to add to the list after Sunday, DeSean is now tied with Terrell Owens and Lance Alworth for 3rd most touchdowns of 50 or more yards in NFL history with 27. Randy Moss has 29 and Jerry Rice had 36.

The encouragement and trust those 2 vets have in one another is something that will really educate this team if they can continue to support one another on and off the field as they have. Sunday’s game was without a doubt DeSean’s best as a Buccaneer as well as one of his best as a pro and the same can be said for Fitzpatrick.

With DeSean’s open leadership and really looking to help his teammates as well as improve his own game, he will be missed while recovering from this concussion and shoulder injury that both occurred during Sunday’s game. I hope with all sincerity that DeSean heals up and gives himself the appropriate timetable to do so. I’m sure with the visiting Super Bowl Champion Eagles arriving this Sunday, DeSean will be looking to replicate his Saints performance against his former team.

The young receiving group from the Buccaneers as well as all the young players are reported to really appreciate the effort DeSean puts into being the leader and speaking about his experience in the league. When Sunday approaches, I hope DeSean continues to heal and is able to continue to be the vocal leader; these young receivers have grown to appreciate.


Update: DeSean Jackson and JPP both practiced today. Grimes and Vea both still haven’t practiced, yet. 9/13/2018