Vita Vea May Return To Practice Soon


One of the bigger questions early on in the season that is on every Bucs fan’s mind is what is going on with first-round draft pick DL Vita Vea?

Vea injured his calf during a drill in training camp and has been out of commission since. What is worse is the fact head coach Dirk Koetter does not think it is going to be easy for the big fella to get back into, “football mode.”

Whether or not he sees the field this season is up to the coaches, and Vea. He has lost weight, roughly 15 lbs, and is constantly working to get back into game shape. Rumors are Vea is close to getting back on the practice field.

No matter how you feel about the current situation, many are looking at the drafting of Vita Vea as a huge mistake, and more than a few have already begun using the b-word (bust). I am not sure it is fair to label him as such, at least not yet, before he has seen any real game action, but only time will tell.

Until we finally get to see him in action, questions and conspiracies will continue to build.

I think as long as Vea keeps his head down, and works his butt off to succeed as an individual, and help the team, he will continue to gain the respect and praise of his peers and the fans alike.


Edited By Harmeet Kapur