Minkah Fitzpatrick Files to Trademark FitzMagic


Dolphins’ rookie DB Minkah Fitzpatrick has filed to trademark FitzMagic with the U.S. Patent Office.

The rookie filed for the trademark on September 12 of this year with the idea of selling his own brand of apparel featuring the name.

According to the Miami DB’s mother, her son had gone by the nickname FitzMagic since his high school days.

However, according to the Palm Beach Post, the first time the name FitzMagic was used in a publication was by The Buffalo News in late November of 2010, but with a lowercase “m.”

I found the Article! Seen here:

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Considering that Minkah was only 11 when the term was first publicly used and was in reference to Ryan Fitzpatrick, I believe our Fitzmagic can file paperwork to block the rookie’s request.

In paying homage to the great movie and television series, Highlander, I must protest that THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE FitzMagic or Fitzmagic, however, you wish to type it!