Looking At Lynch?


News is filtering out that the Buccaneers are working out a few players, as normally happens during a bye week. The biggest shock is who one of those guys is.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are working out former first round pick QB Paxton Lynch today.










That’s right! Paxton Lynch is working out with the team. Why you might ask? After all the Bucs have 3 QBs on the roster with one guy being an ordained face of the franchise after Tampa spent a first overall pick on Winston. Are the Buccaneers about to pull off a shock trade and deal Jameis away?

Don’t be silly now. The most likely reason for Lynch being worked out is that the front office is expecting a trade offer for FITZPATRICK! That’s right. A guy who has just set NFL records is about to ride the pine again and some teams are in need of a QB, if only to the end of the season. The likely scenario being that the Bucs are still not sold on Griffin being the backup and the front office is seeing what options are available, should Fitz take his magic elsewhere.

Calm down Buccaneers fans, nothing to see here.

***Opinion Editorial***