Kwon: One thing you will not do is take advantage of me!


Just a day removed from one of his teammates (G Ali Marpet) receiving a 5 year $55 million contract extension, there has been chatter about other key players getting new deals. Among those key players is MLB Kwon Alexander. It is thought that Alexander wants top dollar, but critics state that his inconsistent play through his young career does not warrant such a pay day.

It is very likely that the Bucs front office will in fact make an offer to Alexander, but not a top rate contract.

Contract negotiations are ongoing between the Bucs and his agent. In a tweet this evening though Kwon stated,

“One thing you will not do is take advantage of me”

Below Kwon Alexander replied to a follower to give a bit more context to his original tweet.










Maybe the contract negotiations aren’t going so well? At any rate, if Kwon wants to get “paid” he must prove that he can consistently produce at a high level these next 12 games.