Winston not a team captain for 2018 season


Stop the presses!  Rick Stroud of Tampa Bay Times (@NFLSTROUD) tweeted this afternoon “#BUCS have selected captains for 2018 and none are QBs:  OT Ali Marpet, WR Mike Evans, LBs Lavonte David, Kwon Alexander and Andrius Thomas(special teams)”.  The Buccaneers followed with a statement saying that Jameis Winston will not be wearing a “C” this season as he is waiting to eat his first “W” of 2018.  Alright, the Bucs DID NOT release that statement.  Besides, the honor of wearing a “C” is voted on by the players and not decided by any individual.

The “C” on Lavonte’s Jersey will be gold signifying his 5th consecutive year as a captain.  Alexander and Evans will each wear 2 stars on the patch for their second consecutive year as captains.  Marpet and a Taylor will each have 1 star for their first year serving as Buccaneer captains both on and off the field.  Joining Winston in dropping the “C” will be Gerald McCoy, not serving as a team captain for the first time in 6 years.

A team can have up to 6 captains, but there is no limit on the number leaders.  These 5 players are deserving of the recognition they received from their teammates for the 2018 season.  Being a team captain means to be representing the team in the greatest capacity both on and off the field.  If Jameis can become as good of a leader off the field, as he is on it, something tells me that “C” will make its way back onto #3’s Jersey again.

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