The Magic Is Gone


The magic show was exciting at times. The spectacle that was the high-flying offense, Ryan Fitzpatrick and company, was fun to watch, but it seems that it is at an end.
After throwing three interceptions and being pulled from the game against the Giants, Ryan Fitzpatrick probably won’t get another shot at a start for the Buccaneers, barring injury.

Fitzpatrick has only won two games this season, two of the Buccaneers’ three wins. He only won the starting role due to Jameis Winston’s three-game suspension and only continued to start because he was playing well at the time.

However, Jameis Winston was handed the reins for the Falcons contest and kept them until he was pulled at halftime two games later while playing the Bengals. Ryan Fitzpatrick was put into the game in the hopes that he could pull off the win. He almost did.

Fitzpatrick retained the starting role for the next three games, losing all three. Winston, who came in during the second half against the Giants, seemingly showed enough improvement that Dirk Koetter isn’t going to allow Fitzpatrick back at the helm.

But who knows what will happen? At this point, Tampa is far removed from the possibility of making the playoffs, so there is really no reason for Ryan Fitzpatrick to start again. If the Buccaneers still have Jameis Winston in their future plans, then he needs to be the starter for the remainder of the season, unless they would like to give Ryan Griffin a chance. They have nothing to lose at this point in the season.