Mike Evans Believes Winston Deserves Contract Extension


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked up Jameis Winston’s $20.922 million fifth-year option back in April, and he has since been the topic of much discussion. From being suspended for a controversial accusation to a QB controversy between the young QB and his backup, a tough decision will have to be made soon concerning Winston’s future with the team.

Head coach Dirk Koetter stated to media that he believes that Winston is still a franchise QB, but that decision will be made by someone else at the end of the year. If the Buccaneers do not come to an agreement about restructuring his contract or release him for whatever reason, the Bucs will be paying him over $20 million dollars just to re-evaluate him next season.

Wide receiver Mike Evans believes that Jameis deserve a contract extension. When asked if he believed Winston deserves a contract based on his performance Mike Evans replied, “Do I think? Yes, absolutely!”

Evans gave reporters an honest reason why he thought Winston deserved an extension. “You got to look at the numbers, he’s a young guy, look at all the other young quarterback’s numbers when they were at his point of his career, and where he’s been. Tampa hasn’t been the easiest place to win, so, what he’s done is pretty impressive to me” (see full article here).

Winston has had his fair share of struggles, that is certain. However, there is no lack of dedication to the team from the young QB. Whether or not his future is in Tampa or he gets the contract extension has yet to be determined, but I have to believe that either way we will see Jameis Winston starting in Tampa next year.