Jameis Will Fight For His Head Coach


Dirk Koetter is on the hot seat, and with Black Monday around the corner, [Dirk] Koetter may soon be out of a job.

The Buccaneers have played themselves right out of a wild card spot, there is literally no chance, now.

However, Jameis Winston said he’s not giving up on his head coach and will continue to fight for him to return next year.

“Yeah, I’m always fighting for my head coach, every week. I think we all are. We got a lot of respect for that man. He holds us to high standards, and we’ve got to hold ourselves to that standard, too.” -Via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

Dirk Koetter has produced a No. 1 Passing offense and a No. 3 overall offense this season, but that is unlikely to be enough for the Glazers to keep him next year. The Buccaneers are rumored to have begun searching for head coaching candidates, already.

Yes, consistency is the key to a successful team, but when you are consistently losing, changes need to be made. Out of the three seasons, [Dirk] Koetter, has been the head coach, he has only had one winning season.

But the players seem to love their head coach and will voice their opinion in wanting their coach to remain with the team next year.

If he is fired, there is a strong belief that Dirk Koetter will be sought after by many teams as an offensive coordinator.