Revenge and Redemption


Revenge and redemption.

There’s really not much left to look forward to this season other than those two things, honestly.
With just two games left we are one step closer to moving on from the current staff, players, and lackluster play from one team aspect or another.

But next week we can possibly get some of the bad taste out of our mouths by going into Dallas and getting some revenge on a team that has been a pain in our ass for far too long.

Laughing at that statement? Yeah, I get it. I mean, look at us right now. HC knows he’s gone, Dotson has already stated it’s every man for himself, and yet here’s Dallas all exposed by the Colts and thinking, “At least we play the Bucs. We could get that easy win.”

If our guys are angry enough, tired enough of losing and being ridiculed, and need to prove themselves for fans or possibly future jobs—well, it could happen. All I’m saying is the Dallas game may just be a spoiler.

Redemption. After Dallas we get to try our luck once again with the Dirty Birds. This game should be one of redemption. Redemption for an earlier season loss. Redemption for the whole Dirk and Mike Smith thing. This game against the Birds is a winnable game. The question is, are the Bucs going to be playing to win the game or will they tank to improve their draft position? I think tanking is a bull-spit philosophy. You play to win the game!

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Written by: Johnny Dean