DeSean Jackson Should Remain a Buccaneer… For Now


One of the first moves new Buccaneer head coach Bruce Arians made was to request the phone number for WR DeSean Jackson.  It might have been an informal call notifying Jackson that #11 would be going back to Adam Humphries.  Coach Arians said that he was going to try and re-recruit DJax back to Tampa.  There is no shortage of personnel folks in the Buccaneer organization, or for any NFL organization that will ever try to make an argument that speed is a bad thing.  Those same personnel people will undoubtedly also agree that the Jameis-to-Jackson hookup has not exactly went over the way it was envisioned when first proposed two year’s ago

The offenses coach Arians has been associated with are always looking to push the ball down the field.  It makes sense that already having a speedster like DeSean in camp, coach would want to touch base with him, especially since it was rumored that #11 had shown discontent with his role in last years offense.  Wide receivers don’t become great wide receivers unless they feel that EVERY pass should be throw their way.  Its how they are wired.

It should be noted that the contract is not guaranteed and should the Bucs decide to proceed without the services of Jackson next season, there will be no cap implications.   It should also be pointed out that should the team keep DeSean on the payroll, not only might professor Arians cook up experiments that might utilize that speed, but, just like this past trade deadline, there will surely be suitors lining up, offering gifts of tidings and joy for the speedy receiver.  In other words, when it comes to Jackson’s contract, like Bruce Arians, we do have options.