AFC Championship Game Recap


The AFC Championship game was an exciting one. This is what all the NFL fans wanted when you have the 1 versus 2 seeds in both conferences. As the NFC Championship was just as exciting. Both games went into overtime, and it was just the second time the AFC Championship did so in NFL history. The game was a chess match. Both teams have not seen the last of each other. As there is a good chance we will see them against each other in the playoffs next year.

The New England Patriots came into to Arrowhead Stadium as the underdogs to the Kansas City Chiefs. The two teams had played earlier in the year in a classic dog fight. The Patriots won that game 43-40. They were both different teams than what was on the field yesterday. The Patriots and Chiefs left it all on the field. The game will go down as one of the best when it came to deciding who was going to earn a trip to the Super Bowl.

The Patriots would win the coin toss. This was a key moment for the Patriots because they knew if they fell behind it would be a long game. The Patriots would use the run game and drive down the field to take the lead, and eat up most of the first quarter. They were on the verge of scoring a second touchdown when Tom Brady threw an interception in the end zone. The Patriots and Belichick had a game plan on defense to slow down Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs offense. The Patriots scored another touchdown before the end of the half, and would lead 14-0.

The teams made their adjustments at halftime, and the Chiefs would take the second half kickoff and drive right down the field to score. The momentum was turning back to the Chiefs as they stopped the Patriots on their next position. The Patriots defense would eventually stand up and stop the Chiefs when it mattered most. They got the ball back and a field goal out of it taking a 17-7 lead. On the next Chiefs position, they scored a touchdown and it was 17-14.

The fourth quarter started just like the home team wanted with the Patriots turning it over on downs. The Chiefs were not able to take advantage though, but would get another chance with another Patriots interception. The turnover would help them take the lead 21-17. The Patriots would use the run game as they did through the entire game and score an answering touchdown. The Chiefs would immediately answer and retake the lead 28-24. On the next Patriots position, they would score and retake the lead 31-28. This would happen and leave 40 plus seconds on the clock, but that was plenty of time for Mahomes to drive the Chiefs down. The Chiefs would score a tying field goal and the game was sent into to overtime.

In overtime, the rules are if the first team that possesses the ball scores a touchdown the game is over. The Patriots would win the toss and drive right down the field. The Chiefs defense looked tired and Andy Reid should have taken a time out to give them a chance to catch their breaths. He didn’t though, and the Patriots would score a rushing touchdown. Sending them to their third straight Super Bowl. The Chiefs have nothing to be ashamed of as they had a great season and aren’t going away.