Video: Kwon Coming Back Strong At Gym After Knee Injury


Without a doubt Monday’s are no joke for MLB Kwon Alexander, as he continues to rehab from tearing his ACL during a week 3 game vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football.

Alexander posted a video on Twitter earlier Monday showing his progress:










(Or view video tweet HERE)

Not too long ago in this league if a player suffered such a terrible knee injury, like a torn ACL, the likelihood of a player getting back to the level he was at before the injury were slim. Not to mention the extended time it took to rehab as compared to today.

Kwon Alexander was in a “prove it” year before his knee injury early in the season. Up until that point, Alexander was looking to prove to the Buccaneers front office that he deserved to be paid among the best as his position. That injury though may hurt his chances at that size of a contract, and he could be asked to sign a short-term “prove it” deal.

With all that said, he is definitely proving his worth as he aggressively looks to come back after a disheartening injury. It may be easy to forget, but just after being a few months removed from such an injury, it is encouraging and impressive to see the progress from Alexander thus far.

Look out Tuesday Kwon is coming after you.