Mike Evans has INT in Pro Bowl. More than Brent Grimes in 2018


The 2019 Pro Bowl was well interesting, flukey, and left much to be desired in an AFC blowout. A lone bright spot though was a beautiful interception by Mike Evans as he tried his hand at CB midway through the 4th quarter. Turns out he isn’t half bad. You can watch it HERE.

If there is last play of the game on defense in the 2019 season DC Todd Bowels might want to consider substituting Evans in at safety. As this past Sunday indicated, it couldn’t hurt.

With Evan’s pick on Sunday, he actually leads veteran CB Brent Grimes in interceptions on the season. As crazy as it sounds, it’s true that Grimes failed to record an interception last season. In Grime’s 12 year career he has collected 33 INT’s, and 7 of which have been in Tampa Bay the past three seasons.

Mike Evans obviously has good size, strength, and hands to play as a DB in an absolute pinch or during a laid back Pro Bowl, but is obviously best served playing the #1 WR spot. That said, maybe Grimes can learn a thing or two from Evans… Maybe.