Player Profile: Will Grier (QB, West Virginia)


Quarterback, West Virginia

6’2” / 221lbs


Overview: The Big 12 prospect led his Mountaineers to an 8-4 record in 2018 where he threw for 3,864 yards, 37 TD’s / 8 INT’s, and also completed 67% of his passes. Earlier in the year he was being pushed as a first round prospect, but after his lack luster performance in the Senior Bowl he is now graded at a 2nd-4th round pick.

Pros: Grier has put together two pretty good seasons at WV, and was a main reason why he was given 1st round consideration early in 2018. When he gets his feet set he has shown the ability to air it out down field for a big play. And while he isn’t considered the most athletic prospect, he has shown some ability to scramble for a rushing TD during a goal line situation.



Cons: In the scenario where Grier isn’t able to get his feet set he has a considerable drop in production, and can be forced into some bad decisions. His ability to improve his decision-making under pressure, and being able to take snaps under center for a 3-5 step drop back will be the difference on whether or not he is successful at the pro level.