Jameis Winston – On The Verge Of Earning A Huge Contract Extension?


The upcoming campaign will be a very crucial one for the Buccaneers, and especially for Tampa’s franchise quarterback Jameis Winston. The former Seminole will be in his final year of a 5-year contract. Putting him under tons of pressure proving that he is the future of the franchise. And with that he could earn a big contract extension with Tampa Bay.

Winston Is On Pace With The Best

As far as most relevant statistics are concerned, Winston is right on pace with plenty of legendary quarterbacks such as Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and even Tom Brady after four years in the league. That’s just to mention a few (you can find the article HERE). Ironically, however, a lot of fans still call for Winston’s head, claiming he produces too many turnovers and not enough wins.

Can Winston Win?

Of course, from the outside looking in, his winning percentage casts a huge shadow over Winston’s performances. As the Bucs simply have not been winning much. Which obviously seems to be the reason for the harsh criticism he has received from NFL analysts and Bucs fans, as well.

After all, winning is what it is all about, right? Right! Yet, if you have followed the Buccaneers and watched them play, it is obvious the losses were in virtually every game not Winston’s fault.

If your defense allows 29 points per game on average (like the Bucs did in 2018), it is tough to win as a quarterback. If you have practically no functional running game, it is tough to win as a quarterback. If you have a below average offensive line that cannot find a way to keep you out of trouble very long, it is tough to win as a quarterback.

Furthermore, due to the Bucs trailing at the end of games so many times, Winston was often forced to go for it and risk it all with very little time left at the end. Whereas he could have kneeled down or the Bucs could have run out the clock if the defense. That was if the team had been able to hold a lead. Being put in situations like this will automatically cause more interceptions than quarterbacks with a good or at least an average defense.

Can Arians Change The Bucs Fortunes?

Now, Bruce Arians, the quarterback whisperer, recognizes the undeniable talent Jameis Winston possesses. Which is why he took the job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The former Arizona Cardinals head coach might indeed be just what the doctor ordered for the young quarterback to take the next step. And for him to take this franchise under his wings. Arians has formed many young signal callers into the great players they now are or they later became.

The organization is betting on Winston big time. They hired Arians, who, once again, made it clear that he is coming because of Winston. They then signed Donovan Smith to a huge contract. This is all evidence that proves Jason Licht and the front office are putting all their eggs in one basket. And that they are willing to fully support their former first overall pick in 2015 with the best assets possible. As of now, this is certainly a move in the right direction.

Will the gamble pay off for Licht and the Buccaneers franchise? Is Jameis Winston up to the challenge? Will he earn himself a huge contract and make himself the undisputed franchise player of the Bucs?… All of this remains to be seen… Yet, odds are the answer to these questions could very well be ‘YES’!