The Buccaneers lost some players earlier this week, but those losses weren’t unexpected whatsoever.

Kwon Alexander was wanting far more than the Buccaneers could afford to spend on a undersized MLB with health issues.
DeSean Jackson had become a distraction. Even the one guy that Tampa Bay loved, Adam Humphries, needed to go where he could earn his worth.

As for the lack of “buying” big names? Tampa Bay has done that for awhile with few dividends paid out.

Sure the Buccaneers have gotten a Jason Pierre Paul or Vincent Jackson occasionally. But look at the cap situation incurred in the process.

The team is going to have to fix their problems through the draft, some lower level free agents, and coaching.

They now have the staff in place to do so. Give the proccess a chance and see what an actual team building looks like.
The old way certainly hasn’t worked.

So kick back, take a deep breath, tune into some AAF football if you need to take you’re mind off the fantasy sites and enjoy life.

Let the proccess play out and be ready to enjoy the next stage in Buccaneers football.

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Written by: Johnny Dean