Conflicting Reports On Bucs Interest In Morris Claiborne


Over the past week there has been reports on Twitter that the Bucs have had interest in signing CB Morris Claiborne. Per JC Cornell the Bucs offered him a veteran league minimum deal, but declined in pursuit of more money.

With that said Pewter Report posted yesterday that the Bucs in fact have no interest in Claiborne.

The lack of interest in Claiborne has been reported by other prominent local media members as well.

Time will tell what the truth of the matter really is. The amusing part is that all of this fodder is around an underwhelming former 1st round draft pick.

He was selected 6th overall by the Dallas Cowboys, but has never really impressed since his rookie year in 2012. Averaging just one interception over his 7 year career.

It seems highly unlikely that Tampa Bay would make any offer to Claiborne in an attempt to have a more veteran presence on the DB corp.

With that said, this is the time of the year where there is a lull in the NFL Twitter world. Where Claiborne and Twitter wars between NFL franchises are the stories of the day.