McCoy Has 10+ NFL Suitors


According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, former Buccaneer Gerald McCoy has been somewhat enjoying his time as a sought after free agent.

McCoy now apparently has around ten NFL teams ready to offer $11 million+ for the the 6-time Pro Bowler. After current Buc Ndamakung Suh was officially signed yesterday for a one year, $9.25 million contract (with a max of $10 million), it seems interest around the league has favored McCoy up to this point. Both with potential suitors and with money offered.

As it was mentioned by Stroud, the Bucs could of continued to drag out the McCoy saga, but decided to swiftly move on before they got any further into their off-season program. Which is a win-win for both sides. Where McCoy can start the next chapter of his career and the Bucs can move on with their new-look defense.

Do you think the Buccaneers win in the Suh-McCoy situation? Let us know in the comments below!