Winston: Need To Be Efficient In Balancing Time With Work/Family


With all of the talk about the defense this off-season, there hasn’t been a ton of chatter about the offense and the new Arians playbook they will have to digest as they head into these Summer month’s. Which is something that doesn’t happen overnight.

As seen in the video report via Greg Auman of the Athletic, Jameis Winston admits this is a new offense, and the team has to learn the nuts and bolts of Arians offense. Which can be utterly time-consuming.

No one can ever question Winston’s work ethic. As it is well documented that he’s a focused student of the game. Always the first one in the building, and often the last one out.

To the Winston’s point though, he must strike the right work life balance to make the most of his time with his fiancé and young son. Especially before the regular season gets underway.