Report: Panthers To Sign McCoy


It has been reported by Adam Schefter that the Panthers will sign former Bucs DT Gerald McCoy to a one-year deal. The deal will be worth $8.5 million.  With a chance to make as much as $10.25 million per the source.

Ian Rapoport with the full contract breakdown:

Even though his deal could max out at $10.25 million, just $4 million is guaranteed. That said, the location seems to be the main motivator. As it seem to be a move to stay in the South where all is familiar.

There seems to be more to it though. As this could possibly been revenge move. As he will now get the opportunity to face-off against the Bucs now twice in 2019. Was it Arians recent comments or even the announcement of Suh wearing No. 93 that tipped? McCoy might never tell. One thing is for certain, he’s looking forward to playing against Tampa Bay.

Should make for an interesting storyline this season.

Stay tuned for more details.