Playing the Waiting Game with Donovan Smith


Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians held a Zoom meeting with the media Tuesday. The inevitable question of whether left tackle Donovan Smith would opt out was first on the docket. Arians noted that he has not had any discussions with Smith.

Arians was quoted as saying,“I have not had any discussions with Donovan. I expect him to report on time. Obviously, it’s a personal choice for guys to do this and I respect their choice.”

If Smith were to opt out Arians went on to say he feels there are options on the roster that would be able to fill the vacant spot at left tackle created by Smith.

“We’d work out a bunch of guys. Joe Haeg has played over there. Tristan [Wirfs] could play over there. Brad Seaton [too] – we’ve got some guys that if he (Donovan Smith) decided not to play, we’d be ready to go.”

While Smith hasn’t came out and said he was opting in or out, he has been posting some cryptic tweets. Which makes it look like he is seriously thinking about taking the season off to look out for the health and safety of his newborn daughter and family. All players have 7 days to decide to opt in or out. This countdown clock will start once the NFL/NFLPA 2020 CBA ratifications have been signed, which is still waiting to receive pen to paper. In the meantime the Buccaneers will await the decision of Smith with confidence on the players on the Roster to replace him if need be.