Rob Gronkowski on His Future with the Buccaneers


When the Buccaneers traded for tight end Rob Gronkowski a lot of eyebrows were raised. The questions came fast and strong, can he still play? Is he even in shape? Heading into the NFC Championship game Gronkowski has tallied over 600 yards and 7 TDs, I’m going with that being a yes on the previous two questions.

With the team just one win away from the Super Bowl of course after defeating the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, the question had to be asked of Gronkowski on his plans for next season. He didn’t disappoint.


Yes having Gronkowski back next year is definitely something to be happy about. The question isn’t if HE wants to come back, I think it’s more of can the Buccaneers afford to bring him back. When you consider O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate are both under contract next year, Gronkowski will most likely need to take a paycut. The good news is Gronkowski is just the type to do just that.