Jameis Winston’s first NFL game


  Jameis Winston seemed a little uncomfortable last night, in his first NFL game. Completing 9 of 19 passes for 131 yards and one interception, he managed to click off 18 yards in 4 carries. That includes a 8 yard TD run.(The first rushing TD in a preseason game by a Buccaneer QB since Josh Freeman-2011). Eventually, Jameis adjusted and started to look like, what we expected a No.1 draft pick should. His first completion was a 40 yard strike to Vincent Jackson, but several plays later he threw an awful pass and was intercepted. Jameis Winston’s first game wasn’t one fans expected, but through the bad passes, the misreads on defense, and being sacked, Jameis showed some spark. He showed elusiveness, and he showed that he can throw the ball well, when he is not under pressure.What that means is, The Buccaneer offensive line has to do its job and protect the rookie quarterback.If Jameis is protected, he will be a significant quarterback in this league.Over all Jameis performance was not bust worthy. In fact his performance showed that Jamies might just bring something to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that we have not had since Josh Freeman in 2010, a quarterback capable of being a standout in the NFL, one who could lead us to an 11-5 record.



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