Jacquies Smith will not be smug about his NFL leading sack count


The Tampa bay Buccaneers once again house a DE that is NFL Sack leader. Jacquies Smith picked up 3 sacks on Sunday against the Saints and he had 1 sack against the Titans on opening day. But he will not let that get to his head. He is here to play football and do his job and he is doing his job well. Between Gerald McCoy, Jacquies Smith and William Gholston we could be looking at the beginnings of a sacking juggernaut. I surely hope this is the case as we sit in the top 10 for defense, already two games into the season.

“I don’t really get involved in individual stats and things of that nature,” said Smith. “Ultimately we’re just trying to come out there and get a team win. I don’t really pay too much attention to how many sacks a guy has got or how many he’s behind me. I’m just really trying to get out there and get a team win. There’s always stuff you can add to your game and make improvements to ultimately be the best player you want to be. That’s why I feel like you have to be a student of the game, you have to be into the film study and do a lot of mental things in order to get better.” As reported by Michael David Smith of NBC Sports

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