Mike Evans rocks the Manziel Browns jersey at Texas A&M game.


I don’t see any issue with Mike Evans wearing the Manziel jersey, even if it is a Browns jersey. I will admit it is odd to see one of our fellows in another team’s jersey, but I don’t believe its taboo. If I were an NFL player I would wear my friends jersey.
“Mike Evans clearly loves Johnny Manziel. It makes sense, since the two starred together at Texas A&M during their college days. But those days are over. Manziel is currently the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, while Evans is a second-year wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.But that doesn’t mean Evans won’t support his friend whenever he gets the chance. He showed up in College Station, Texas on Saturday for Texas A&M’s game against Alabama. And he was wearing a Manziel jersey.” -Reported by Sid Saraf

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