Jameis Winston knows his role.


It is always good to be humble. You know the old saying, “pride cometh before the fall.” Jamies should be proud of himself for what he has accomplished in his football career. From: high school to the NFL he has done pretty much whatever there is to do and he has excelled in doing so. Still, it is a good thing that Jameis recognizes that he is a nobody, yet. Yes, he is a rookie starting for a rebuilding NFL team that is full of talent and yes, he was the number 1 draft pick. But that means nothing if you run your mouth only to fail. Keep Calm and Buc Ball, Kid. Your day is closer at hand than you think.

“Jameis Winston is five games into his first NFL season, and in his opinion, defenses don’t have much to be concerned about this early in his career. “I’m really nobody in this league yet, so they don’t have to worry about me,” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said Wednesday. “I have great teammates that do a great job, and we have a great team.”– Reported by Andrew Astleford

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