Jameis takes the blame for the offensive performance on Sunday


Jameis Winston’s leadership might be getting in the way of his judgement. I cannot see any reason to why he should take the blame for Sunday’s loss. It was not Jameis Winston who dropped 11 passes or fumbled the ball two times. Hopefully, this is corrected in time for the Dallas Cowboys to come to town.

“Even though key playmakers inside his huddle let him down, Jameis Winston took the blame for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive inefficiency.” “It’s my fault every single time,” the rookie quarterback said when asked about missed opportunities in Sunday’s 32-18 loss to the New York Giants. “But the thing you’ve got to focus on is how hard we are playing. We’re playing our tail off. It’s two back-to-back games where we’re just out there giving it our all. Eventually, we are going to break through. Eventually, it’s going to happen.” – Andrew Astleford reports.

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