Lovie Smith says Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy are not playing well


It’s true, we expect more from our veteran players. And it seems that both, David and McCoy, are not playing up to fan standards. Fans have noticed a lack of leadership from Gerald McCoy, thankfully, that slack has been picked up and ran with by Jameis Winston. Normally McCoy’s,  happy-go-lucky attitude can be seen emanating on and off the field. But that has been scarce this season. Lavonte David is playing well, but nowhere near his projected capabilities. I cannot give a reason to why these two seem to have detracted in play quality. But at the end of the day, they both remain, remarkable athletes and very talented. Maybe the only issue is that we as fans expect, way, more than we should from players. Lovie Smith has said that David and McCoy’s play is not good enough, but that does not mean they are bad players. It means, Lovie is desperate on defense and needs his stars to shine. And I agree to that.

“Lavonte is a great player. Same thing with Gerald,” Smith said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I think you have to be careful when you just look at the stat sheet. But forgetting about the stat sheet, our play from both of those guys we would say it’s not good enough.” – Reported by Josh Alper

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