Koetter is not thrilled with Jameis Winston end zone dives


Jameis Winston made a leaping dive into the end zone, on Sunday. And he fumbled the ball. Thankfully, a Dallas penalty allowed us another shot at the goal in which Jameis ran a bootleg in for the score. Not only are the dives, by the quarterback, unsafe, they can also potentially become turnovers.

“Great play by Jameis trying to get it in the end zone,” Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith said. “Glad we got another opportunity.” Though, his offensive coordinator wants to see Winston more ground bound. “I feel sick to my stomach,” Koetter said, per ESPN. “There’s no question he’s willing to do anything. You can never question Jameis’ heart. So from that standpoint — shoot, I tell Lovie to talk to him about that because he’s not listening to me. You can’t question his heart, but that is a very dangerous play.” – Reported by Tyler Dragon

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