Lovie Smith will not let Jameis take blame for loss


Jameis Winston had a pretty good game against the Saints. There were some issues but, none more than any other game. The offense looked flat, not because Jameis was necessarily flat, but the play calling was. The Tampa defense was out coached and out classed in every aspect of the game. We looked under prepared for a team that many fans held such high expectations. We can redeem ourselves against the Rams on Thursday. But, if we could not stop the meager Saints’ running game, how on Earth can we stop a running powerhouse? I hope the Buccaneers run defense that I love so much shows up Thursday, and there ‘will be no running on the Bucs’.

“Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston blamed himself after Sunday’s 24-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Winston completed 18 of 32 passes for 182 yards and one touchdown but overthrew his receivers throughout the game. Afterward, Winston said he was “outplayed” by Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Bucs coach Lovie Smith had other thoughts after viewing the tape. “[It’s] very seldom after we viewed the tape that we have not liked what Jameis Winston has done,” Smith said Monday. “It was the same thing [Sunday]. There were a few balls that were off. … But Jameis made good plays right up until the last pass he threw to get us back in it, or have a chance to get us back in it.” – Reported by Rick Brown

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