Buccaneers are not ignoring Doug Martin



Doug Martin is 3rd in all running backs at attempts. It just seems in games where we know he can produce, we just sit him down. But at the same time, we cannot burn him out. Remember Cadillac Williams? There have been some games, just like the Saints game, where you wonder exactly where Doug Martin went. However, he did give us 81 yards and a touchdown on 11 attempts. 11 attempts? That seems to be what is getting under everyone’s skin. I would love to see Martin get the ball 20 times a game; but at what cost would that come? This team is still a work in progress, and I love the direction this team is heading. With Jameis Winston improving so rapidly, and a running back capable of putting up close to 100-yards on 11 attempts, Tampa might just be an offense to fear next year. We would just need to work on our wide receiver corps, and add some viable defensive players, and then I would wholeheartedly, believe that we are ready for the main event.

“Something didn’t add up Sunday following the Buccaneers’ 24-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints, as Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin had only 11 carries for 81 yards against the league’s worst rush defense. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, noting the Bucs had only 52 offensive snaps, said it is really a simple equation if you do the math.” – Reported by The Sports Xchange

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