Gerald McCoy: Physically and Mentally abused.


After Signing a 98 million dollar contract extension, McCoy has had issue after issue. Injuries and a multitude of criticisms have plagued him all season long and although, he leads the team in sacks, a lot of fans continue to give him the “what for” and the once fan favorite has now become, more of a whipping post. And it is beginning to show in his attitude.  I do not blame him for this attitude.

“This season, honestly, has been the toughest for me mentally from all I’ve had to deal with. … In these types of experiences, you persevere through them as a man and as a player in general. You need times like this, seasons like these, because it does nothing but better you. I’ve been playing injured all year, multiple injuries. It’s more mental than physical when you’re dealing with injuries and still trying to perform.” – Gerald McCoy

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