Koetter says Jameis was hit way too much this season


The offense line did well in protecting Jameis, but who was going to protect Jameis from Jameis? Jameis was sacked less than half the times Mike Glennon, and Josh McCown were last season combined, and that shows a significant improvement in this year’s line. But, with Jameis Winston being mobile and thinking he is Superman, no amount of blocking is going to save Winston from himself.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been more than pleased with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston. They love his spirit, his passion for football and his competitiveness — most of the time. While Winston has been sacked a reasonable 25 times, which is tied for 18th in the league, he has been hit 99 other times. That doesn’t include the times he’s scrambled and run the ball. That number is too high, according to Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, and something the staff is going to work on trying to fix next season.”-“We’ll do a study on where did all of those hits occur,” Koetter said Thursday. “How many were (Winston’s) own fault? – Reported by RickBrown

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