Jameis Winston and Cam Newton: excellent QB’s with a lot of Similarities


I can see the similarities, but I can also see that Jameis is Jameis, not the next Cam Newton. Mark Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune also sees the similarities between Cam and Jameis.  I guess it’s a fair comparison, although, I believe Jameis will be a better quarterback in the long run.

“What a remarkable rookie season for Jameis Winston. He’s going to replace Tom Brady at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. True, he made it as an alternative, way down the list with all the other alternates. I think they called Joe Theismann. But it’s still a feather in Winston’s helmet. Then there’s Cam Newton. Aloha, Super Bowl. Cam and Jameis. Two Heisman quarterbacks. Two national champions. Two No. 1 draft picks. Two franchise faces. Two competitors. Two leaders. Two people who aren’t afraid to show their passion or joy. Two winners.” – Reported by Mark Fennelly

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