Pro Bowl 2016: How will Jameis make an impact?


With the Pro Bowl turned into nothing, but a friendly, and the decline of its viewers; Will this ultimately bring an end to the NFL’s version of an Allstar game? There might be a few more viewers this year than there was, last year. You can thank the Buccaneers for that one. Many Bucs fans will tune in to see Jameis Winston and Lavonte David in their first Pro Bowl appearances. Heck, many will watch just to see what Jameis Winston is going to do. You don’t have to be a Bucs fan just to tune in and watch Jameis, tons of FSU fans will for sure.

NFL: Pro Bowl-Team Irvin Practice

The Pro Bowl is supposed to be an easy going, laid back kind of game, but laid back and easy going is not Jameis Winston. I expect him to be full throttle and out there banging heads, trying to take over the show. And, I hope he does! Take that NFL! It will be interesting to see if the game actually becomes more competitive than it has been in a while, just for the simple fact that it is on the verge of being nothing more than a memory. People want to see them play not play around. Change the rules! Save the Pro Bowl!


“It has been more than three years since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sounded the two-minute warning on the Pro Bowl.Has time expired? Television ratings for the league’s annual all-star game have steadily declined amid concerns the matchup has been reduced to a glorified scrimmage.” – Reported by Ira Kaufman

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