Jameis Winston found relief in the NFL.


Jameis Winston had a rookie season to be proud of, and now that his rookie season is in the history books, it seems Jameis can begin moving on from the fiascos that weighed so heavily on his mind during his college days. Jameis stated in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s MMQB that everyone just wanted something from him, but that now he feels like he can be himself in the NFL. He continued saying that while he was in college that he was constantly under the microscope in everything he did. He couldn’t go class without being stalked or bothered with questions, or bothered by autograph and selfie hungry fans.


He enjoys the NFL, where not only is he the face of a community and a franchise, but he is respected as such. “People are looking up to me basically as a springboard for the Tampa Bay community. Every time I go out I have the chance to make a difference or make someone smile, I try to do that to the best of my abilities.” Winston went on to say that in college he would try to do that, but no matter what, it would mean something else. “Everyone just wanted something from me. Give me that, Jameis, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. In the NFL, I can be myself, and everyone doesn’t have their hand out. In the NFL, I wasn’t the best player in the league. I just do what I do.”


Winston said he became the main voice on the Buccaneers because no one else would say anything. Jameis Winston loves the Tampa Bay community and loves the fact that he has the opportunity to change people’s lives and give people a sense of hope. That’s how I want to live my life; flying under the radar, affecting people, doing the right thing, and just playing football. That’s something I like to do.”