Kwon Alexander: Maturing


Kwon Alexander was suspended for the last four games of the 2015 regular season. Although he didn’t play, he takes full responsibility for the Bucs losing those last four games. “I take all the heat for that. I was supposed to have been there. That’s my fault. It won’t happen again. That’s one thing; it won’t happen again. I’ve never been in trouble or nothing. That surprised me when that happened, and it hurt me so bad.” Alexander told media at the time of his suspension that his failed test was because of an energy drink that he had been using since High school. Now, he will be a lot more careful about what he puts into his body. “You’ve got to be very smart when you’re in the league it has a lot of rules. It’s way different than college. You’ve just got to be way smart in what you do and just be a leader and always stay on top of your stuff.”

The second-year linebacker is excited for this year’s defense and says it’s way different than last year and says that fans will enjoy it. Veteran linebacker Daryl Smith has found Alexander to be a student and shares all the wisdom he can with the young fella and Alexander is soaking up the wisdom. “I ask all the questions I can, and he answers them all. He’s been in this league for a long time. I’m picking his brain, too. I’m picking everybody’s brain. I’m just trying to be the best I can be.”

Kwon Alexander has high hopes for his role in Tampa’s defense and feels that together they can be the best in the NFL. “I’m trying to make this defense the No.1 defense in the league. I’ve got big expectations and how I work, everybody is going to work like me. I like to bring excitement, have fun and that’s how it’s going to be around here.”

It sounds like the 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has plenty of confidence and the second year linebacker out of LSU believes Tampa’s defense will be exciting this year, under Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith.