Tony Romo able to fully throw and is awaiting off-season workouts


The Dallas Cowboys officially start their off-season programs on Monday, but quarterback Tony Romo has been back at work a lot longer than that.

Romo spoke at a recent event hosted by All Pro Dad at AT&T Stadium. It marks the first time Romo has spoken publicly since he had undergone surgery on his left clavicle, which he had fractured twice during the 2015 regular season. In March of 2016, he underwent a Mumford procedure, which is when a portion of the clavicle is shaved down to alleviate stress on the bone.

“It’s been going great here for the last two, three weeks, just getting them going and being able full speed and all that stuff. It’s been great.”

Initial recovery time for his surgery, in March, was believed to be six-eight weeks. Romo says he is able to fully throw and participate in all off-season workouts. “I can throw fully. I’ve been throwing fully for a good week and a half, two weeks. It’s been good.”

April 18th marks the day that the Cowboys can officially begin the off-season programs. The programs start with two weeks of strength training and conditioning. The second phase continues with on-field workouts and instruction. Romo seems ready to go, even if the offensive vs defense team drills, are not live contact.